Friday, January 20, 2012

Where you been girl?!

Oh my goodness its been too long! Where have I been? Well little Ms Cadence Faith made her entrance so furiously!!! I mean she came super fast! I literally was on the couch cutting up with a friend hung up and was like "..oh wow, a rush, Oh well ..." walked to the kitchen to start dinner and couldnt finish!!! That had to be like around 8p I totally missed dinner that night from a late nap. We called the MW around 9:40 I believe and she was born at 11:18p! I heart fast labors **but not when they are so fast that I act like a mad woman roaring at wildlife!**
So since then I have been settling into mothering four children, deciding if I am homeschooling or not, I launched my vision: Divine Wisdome Pediatric Services (we'll talk later about that), and I have gotten back on my health "trip" and am running again and eating cleaner. Soooooo I am getting back caught up and on this blogging thing. I have so many women that inspire me and that share something with me that blesses me and I would hope to do that same for SOMEONE out there. So look for me to get back into this thing I particularly want to keep you kind people updated with my weight loss/health journey. I have some CRAZY goals: 135lbs (I can SOOOO DO IT!!!); Run a half and full marathon; and who knows what else the wind might blow. So let's get it and move doing this thing, yall!!! So tell me, what have you been doing since we last talked?